Cold, Wet and Gloomy

December 14, 2015  •  1 Comment

      This past weekend the weather was cold, wet and gloomy.  The unpredictable rain shifted from a light drizzle to a hard drizzle through out the afternoon, and it was just my luck to schedule a Saturday full of mini sessions when the weather was less than cooperative. Luckily the mini sessions were located at Hans and Suter park and the trees on the trail gave for perfect protection from the rain.  Despite the somber weather I was still able to shoot half of my sessions without any issues. Luckily I have the best clients I could ask for, and they were more than understanding of the situation.  One would think that it is impossible to get good images from such a gloomy day, however more could be further from the truth. The overcast gave a very soft light, as the clouds acted as natural diffusers. Looking at the pictures from the weekend, one would never think the day was as dreary as it was.    

   Check out the video below to see some of my latest family portraits from that gloomy Saturday afternoon.  "A camera is a SAVE button for the minds eye." 

Back to Life Family PhotographyBack to life photography showcases some of their latest family photographys sessions.


Vic Daniels(non-registered)
Great work man! You captured the cloudy ambience perfectly!
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