Rhona and Chris's 10th anniversary session!

September 26, 2015

Last weekend I had the opportunity to photograph a fellow photographer and friend, Rhona.  She was celebrating her 10th anniversary and I was both honored and nervous for shooting another photographer.  Rhona met Chris back in the spring of 2003 through their mutual friend Natalie at a club called Sharky's. Chris asked Rhona to dance with him, as he was known for his exceptional dancing skills.  After a fun night of dancing came to an end, Rhona's friend Natalie asked "What do you think about my friend Chris?"  Rhona giggled and the next thing you know Natalie was SCREAMING across the street "CHRISSSSS, RHONA WANTS YOUR NUMBER!!!"  Chris then crossed the street and exchanged numbers with her.  The next morning they had breakfast and have been inseperable ever since!  What makes these images so special is that we shot in front of the old Sharky's building where they met! <3