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Fujis Red Headed Step Child "The X70" My experience with the X70

April 11, 2017  •  1 Comment


"A reminder to document my own life"

   Late August of 2016 I purchased the Fuji Film X70, this was one of the best decisions I could have made at the time! About two months prior to my purchase I had purchased an Xt1 with a 35mm f2, my relationship with that camera and lens was cut short when it was stolen from my car. 

   The love I had for fuji still burned bright despite my bad luck.  Unfortunately I could not afford another xt1 setup, however, Fuji had recently released the x70 and I must say it caught my attention quickly. The x70 sat in the shadow of the xpro2  which was released around the same time. What caught my eye about the x70 was that it was truly pocketable. As a full time wedding photographer I was spending my weekends documenting others life moments. I was coming home and putting my equipment away like work tools, not to be touched again until the next job. So much of my own life was going undocumented. The whole reason I picked up a camera to begin with was so I could document my oldest son growing up. At the time, I had no Idea it would lead into a full on career in photography. The x70 intrigued me because it wasn't my Nikon, it wasnt big and bulky, I didnt have to bring a slew of lens's with me either. The thought of sweeping the camera off my dresser and sliding it in my pocket before heading out on an adventure with my family excited me. Since I picked up this camera I can say 2 things that are a fact. 

1.I have begun to document my children and family on every occasion, whether it be a trip to the park or to a grocery store.

2. This camera has made me a better photographer. I shoot the x70 mostly at around f4-f8, and I love it. I dont worry about bokeh anymore, instead my focus can be better concentrated on the subject and composition. This has spilled into the way I work weddings as well. Here are some images from one of my latest weddings where the x70 tagged along. 

   This camera isn't for everyone, it does have a learning curve. This isn't for the hobbyist expecting an easy way out with a little body. This camera is for those who have invested time in learning light and composition. This camera isnt going to produce d810 images, it isnt going to replace your work bodies. Its not supposed to. Yes for a couple of hundred more you can invest in the x100 series and get a bit more, however, will that x100 fit in your pocket? Can you honestly say that you would take it everywhere with you? I do have my eye on the x100f, which I do want to implement into my wedding work! For now though, the x70 is doing its job. Just what its supposed to do, documenting my life. As of right now, from what I have read the x70 was recently discontinued, due to Sony no longer making the sensor. The x70 had a short run, but for those who did make the purchase I hope you are enjoying it as much as I. 

 This camera never ceases to amaze me, If Fuji comes out with the x80, well "take my money"!


    As I come to an end, I'll leave you with a small gallery of images from a recent trip to mexico. Most of these images were shot from the hip. Set at f8 and my hyperfocal distance to about 7 feet. 

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Gord Barker(non-registered)
It was the X70 that got me hooked on the Fuji brand of cameras. It's an amazing little camera to use. And you're right. Because of its fixed 28mm equivalent lens, it does cause you to rethink your approach to composition. But if you can work with it, it can deliver surprisingly good quality images and be a lot of fun to use. I've since purchased an X100f (which I love) but the X70 still has a place in my camera bag.
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